What Score is Required to Pass the Examination?

The passing score for the examination(s) is set by a committee of experienced licensed dispensing opticians and a psychometrician (a specialist in the mathematics of examinations), using methods that are nationally accepted for professional examinations. These methods allow the board of directors to determine the minimum standard of knowledge and skill necessary to perform the dispensing optician’s job. The passing score for the multiple-choice and skill examination(s) is 70%.

Your test performance is measured against the minimum standard set by this group of experts, rather than measured against other people who have taken the examination. Establishing the passing score in this way helps to ensure that only those candidates who have the knowledge are granted licenses. Passing scores are not based on straight percentage or a curve, nor does the performance of any other test–taker affect how your performance will be judged.

A modified Angoff procedure is used to establish each test question (item) passing score. In this commonly accepted psychometric procedure, content experts estimate the probability of each question being answered correctly by a person who meets the minimum eligibility requirements.