About Us

The National Commission of State Opticianry Regulatory Boards (NCSORB®) is a not-for-profit organization that exclusively represents the interests and serves the needs of States requiring licensure in Opticianry. NCSORB® provides members a forum for discussion regarding licensure examination development, continuing education and regulation.

NCSORB® administers the National Optician’s Practical Examination which covers Spectacles, as well as Spectacles and Contact lenses. The examination is given in computer testing centers throughout the United States in a multiple-choice and skill simulation format.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of NCSORB® is to provide state opticianry licensing boards a national forum for education, assessment, exchange of information, and research that further strengthens licensing laws to lessen the burden of government and operations, and to better serve public needs and further the common welfare and well-being of the community.