Computer Simulated Skill Examination

The development of the National Optician’s Practical Examination is based on the results of a national “job task analysis” survey which was distributed to licensed dispensing opticians for their feedback. The survey results identify the tasks performed most often and of greatest importance. The examination content outline is based on these results. The content outlines indicated in this book for each examination area is an excellent study aid.

The six (7) skills for the computer simulated Spectacles and Contact Lens portion of the skill examination are those most commonly performed by licensed opticians according to the results of the national “job task analysis”.

Candidates for the Spectacles and Contact Lens Skill Examination(s) will be required to perform the following selected examination(s) as assigned.

SPECTACLES – 60 Minutes

1.    Measure Pupillary Distance
2.    Measurement of Segment Height
3.    Neutralization of Spectacles


1.    Identify Contact Lens Images and Conditions of the Eye
2.    Evaluate Contact Lens Fits Using a Slit Lamp
3.    Identify Various Pathologies and Illuminations Using a Slit Lamp
4.    Perform Corneal Curvature Measurement (Keratometry)